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Fractional Ownership Opportunity

This is the way forward in the new economy, join us!

The Current Round of Investment is now complete. If you are interested in purchasing when a share becomes available or knowing about our future growth plans, please Contact Us

Collaboration in All Ways.

We believe that the world is moving toward a shared services model and Con Smania is our answer to sharing the benefit and load of owning a retreat center in Costa Rica. The investment is in the US, greatly simplifying the process.

Invest in a fully-managed retreat center that is also part vacation property for owners. Annual dividends, profit sharing, use of the full property each year as well as holidays.

Host your own retreats or events and add your wisdom, energy, and ideas to the full operation. Your choice in how engaged you become!


The Investment

12 shares are being sold at $100,000 USD each. 3 additional shares awarded to the Managing Shareholder.

The investment is in
Con Smania Collective LLC, a US Florida-based Seller of Travel that will wholly own Con Smania CR, the property and business operated in Playa Buena Vista, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


The Benefits

8% Annualized Dividend will be paid out starting April 2023. $8000 per year.

Each of the 15 shares is awarded 7% of the profit.

One exclusive Profit Week per year for your use. A retreat, family vacation, or turn it in for bookings by the general public and you retain full profit.


Vacation Use

Two weeks at the winter holidays and one week in spring, we close Con Smania CR to the general public and enjoy the property as owners. Join us for all or part. Family and friends can join, too.

As retreats are booked well in advance, any owner can also come down and use the property any time there is no retreat in progress.


Your Impact

Con Smania CR will be fully-managed, has a staff in place retained from the existing hotel, and is ready to go. Be as involved or as hands-off as you desire.

We will hold quarterly meetings virtually and the annual meeting in person at the end of each year, at the property (recorded and on Zoom for those who cannot attend)

Dig Into the Details

We get it, you want to deeply understand the vision, how this all works, and more. As the round is now closed, these documents are no longer public, but Jill is happy to have a chat and discuss the project, whether you are interested in connecting with Con Smania Collective in the future, hosting a retreat at our place in Costa Rica, or are looking for advice on starting a Collective of your own.


We’re sure you have lots and Jill loves to answer them! Best way is WhatsApp at +1 605-671-9342 or set up a time to talk through the schedule link below.